Healthcare’s Reality

09/17/2013 14:55

If we look back at history, people had short life expectancy. Now, the life expectancy has doubled. The reason for this is the advancements we had in the field of healthcare. Aside from this, there are also healthcare insurances that have given individuals the opportunity to protect themselves when the time of need arises. Sadly, there’s a shadow of issues behind healthcare. One of those crowding shadows is healthcare reform. Healthcare reform is an issue filled with arguments. A topic that is too common for comfort.

Healthcare is an extremely large industry. It is a large industry that is found across continents. In this industry, there’s a huge flow of money involved. This cash was used in helping people regarding their health and wellness. But now, things have become different. Healthcare industries are now more concerned on making more money. This is why, the costs of healthcare has increased by manifold.

These days, healthcare is only given to the people who can pay for it. If they have any health issues, they can be covered and cared of so easily. But to those who cannot afford them, they have nothing else to do but find ways for them to avoid getting sick. Yes, it is possible, but there’s no way you can avoid sickness. Sickness and health problems will still catch-up. Most of the time, when you least expect it. When sickness appears, a person with no money for healthcare ends up suffering.

Healthcare is necessary. Each person should have an access to it. This is why, there’s a need to reform healthcare today. It must become accessible and less expensive. Policies should be changed.