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Healthcare’s Reality

09/17/2013 14:55
    If we look back at history, people had short life expectancy. Now, the life expectancy has doubled. The reason for this is the advancements we had in the field of healthcare. Aside from this, there are also healthcare insurances that have given individuals the opportunity to protect...

Timeless Joke

09/14/2013 09:57
This could be a timeless joke for me. Man! I can not quit laughing:   "Is there a mouse in the house? No, but there's a moose on the loose!"

I'm Afraid

09/12/2013 09:16
If by chance you don't happen to know me, I'm a colleague you can trust. You could know me during the festival or maybe we've never came in contact prior to this day. The reality is that I am into all sorts of adventures, for instance online marketing. Of course this isn't the only thing I am...

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